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A cloud of thick, grey fog materializes on the stage as a solo figure in black begins to take shape. Candles flicker tiny flames on each side of the stage as dark, operatic music pierces the atmosphere. Suddenly, the mysterious silhouette springs to life and five rings fly through the air with lightning precision and speed in a blur of color and control. Soon, the rings are slammed one by one over the artist’s neck as the music explodes to a climactic finish. …and that’s only in the first ninety seconds. Chris has created a truly original show that captures elements of mystery, drama, music, comedy, romance, dance, and audience participation that transforms juggling into a true theatrical discipline. In addition, Chris demonstrates fifteen years of practice through a high level of juggling technique. Chris is one of the few performers capable of performing five club backcrosses on stage. From his award-winning five ball routine to his hilarious take on box juggling, Chris has created a show guaranteed to amaze any age, put your audience in stitches, and leave them begging for more.

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Middletown, PA

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North America

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