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*** As seen on the “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” on national CBS-TV! ***


Winner of several awards in the field of magic for performance excellence, Jason Hudy provides impossible magic and first-class entertainment in a one-of-a-kind magical production!

Jason has performed across the United States for companies including Chevrolet, Six Flags Theme Parks, ESPN, Mitsubishi, Hershey, Lego and on the “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on national CBS-TV! When you hire Jason, you are hiring a seasoned professional. Jason is one of the busiest professional magicians in the world today. In fact, over the past ten years, Jason has performed an incredible 6,002 shows. That is an average of more than one show a day, every day, for the past TEN YEARS STRAIGHT! With all of his experience, you can be sure in Jason's ability to entertain your audience!

Jason's programs are flexible to meet your needs, and easy to work with! Depending on the venue and performance circumstances, Jason is able to adapt his programs to fit whatever your needs may be. Jason offers:

Platform Shows

No special lighting or staging is needed, these shows can be performed any venue. The length of the show can be adjusted to meet your needs.

            Family Platform Show: Fun for the whole family, parents will be laughing right alongside their children as Jason performs extremely clever and funny magic in this intimate show. The name of the game in this show is audience participation, involving the audience in entertaining magic that will have the whole family smiling!

            Coincidence: A show for adults (not blue material, just more sophisticated that wouldn’t appeal to children.) “Coincidence” will have your audience wondering if mind-reading is real. This show combines displays of mind-reading, predicting the future, influencing decisions and demonstrations of super-memory that will keep your audience intrigued from beginning to end! 

Illusion Shows

Secrets: Beyond the Magic: In “Secrets: Beyond the Magic” Jason Hudy gives the audience a peak behind the curtain into the secret world of magic like never before! We’ve all heard sayings about a magic show before. “The hand is quicker than they eye.” “It’s all done with smoke and mirrors.” “When a magician makes something vanish, it goes up his sleeve.” Jason has taken all of these “Secrets” of magic and created original magic in a show that’s one part entertainment, one part informative, and all parts fun!

Almost every magic show has no plot. The magician shows a series of random magic tricks for no rhyme or reason. “Secrets: Beyond the Magic” is a large scale illusion show that also has the added benefit of a plot, a theme that ties the whole show together, much like a Broadway play. The only question for your audience is . . . . “Can they keep a Secret?”


Whether he is reading someone's mind or making an audience member the star of the night on stage, with Jason's show, you can see the impossible and be entertained in this one-of-a-kind magical production!

Home location / airport

Detroit, MI

Global Region

North America

Performance Details

Duration in minutes: 75
Available breakdown: 1/45 & 1/30


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