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Daniel was born in the Virgo Supercluster at the outer limits of the Milky Way Galaxy near a star known locally as the Sun on a planet where the food is quite good. He performed his first stunt at the young age of 2,... no, 17... yes, that's right,10. That's when he learned to walk on his hands... and knees... at the same time. He eventually graduated from Hampshire College where he studied Theatre and Dance Performance. His senior seriocomic monologue, In Stitches, brought return audiences and won him a grant to continue work on stage. When his college advisor offered to write him a recommendation to Harvard University he decided comedy was the smarter option. He has since performed at such adored venues as the Edmonton International Street Performers Festival, The Cape Town International Comedy Festival, The Wellington Fringe Theatre Festival, and the Academy of Music, Northampton (Massachusetts). Recently he played the lead role in the short film Eugene that won Best Student Film at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. When he isn't climbing ladders he likes to climb rocks.

In support of his life in front of an audience he has learned from a variety of theatrical masters: Jacque Lecoq, Anton Chechov, Suzuki, Meisner, and disciplines such as improvisation, clowning, acting, monologue, mime, yoga, modern dance and choreography.

Daniel has performed professionally since 1996 and is dedicated to achieving the highest level of expertise within his field as in everyday life.

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Boston, MA (BOS)

Global Region

North America

Performance Details

Duration in minutes: 50
Available breakdown: 1/30 & 1/20


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From Location To Location
01/18/2019 Boston, MA (BOS) 02/27/2019 Boston, MA (BOS)
04/03/2019 Boston, MA 04/03/2020
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