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René Hicks is an international headliner, who stands out, without having to try. In a short period of time, she has become a favorite on ships throughout Carnival Cruise Line. She thrills global audiences with her universally appealing comedy material. “René becomes a star wherever she goes. She’s incredibly talented, extremely professional and possess an extraordinary personality that combines intelligence, exuberance and the unique ability to make everyone she encounters feel special,” says Jon Keyes, President - Paramount International Management (UK). “She is one of my most requested international acts. I’ve received offers for René’s talents from Sweden to South Africa.”

René succeeds in relating to audiences of various types by using her comedy to break down life’s complexities into simple laughter, resulting in people of different cultures, backgrounds and interests, sharing the humor of the human experience. Through her comedy she attempts to get the audience to see how we are all very much the same, but also that our differences aren’t that big, but they often are very funny. René's comedy has set sail on the following Carnival Cruise Ships: Elation, Spirit, Ecstasy & Pride. Whether getting people to laugh at the things we all have in common or making people comfortable to recognize and laugh at our differences, she makes a reality of her comedy motto: “Laughter brings people together and we need a lot more laughter in the world and a lot less of the dumb crap that divides us."

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Vallejo, CA

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North America

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