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One of the most requested comedians working today. Richie Byrne's talents are a unique mix of witty story-telling & zinging observations. Combined with his high energy & a dominating stage presence, you are sure to leave your seat wanting more!

A classic complainer (when you get down to it, isn't that all a comedian is anyway?). Richie can tell you stories about his mother, his wife, his cousin's wedding, his grandmother...that make you swear he must have been at your last family get-together. He can then turn it around & pontificate on the world we live in (politics, popular music, kids, sports) that make you swear he must know what you are thinking! But, his most hard-hitting material is usually reserved for Richie himself. His stories about being on the set of shows like "Sex in the City" & "The Sopranos" will have you roaring with laughter.

Not only a popular comedian, Richie is also an accomplished actor & singer, with a long resume of theatrical credits (musical & legit) as well as television. Besides his stints on HBO's "Sex " & "Sopranos" he has also been seen on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" & "Conviction" on NBC.

His comedy credits include such well-known clubs as Dangerfield's & Stand-Up NY in Manhattan as well as many clubs around the country, including Hilarities in Cleveland & The Ice House in Pasadena. Richie has had comedy appearances on Comedy Central, VH1 & "The Rosie O'Donnell Show.”

He has recently teamed up with good friend & fellow comedian, Jay Black on the new feature film "Goodbye Baby" due out soon. Written & directed by Dan Schecter, it is a film about a young girl who enters the world of Stand-Up. Richie & Jay were hired to write her material & consult the actress playing the part as well as performing their material & playing roles in the film.

But, Richie's proudest accomplishment in show business is "The Richie Byrne Show" at Caroline's on Broadway. Richie's talent for acting, singing & comedy made it a natural step that he would star in his own ‘variety show' series & "The Richie Byrne Show" is it!

Written by some of the top comics in NY & performed by some of the most talented actors, singers & musicians, The "Richie Byrne Show" is an "off the wall", throwback to the old days of "Variety". Based on such great programs like "The Jackie Gleason Show" & "Your Show of Shows", the ensemble cast & "big name" guest stars from all walks of entertainment, take you on a 90 minute, whirlwind ride of sketches, songs & stand-up comedy in a seamless fashion, with Richie Byrne as the hilarious thread that holds all the pieces together.

Richie Byrne is a multi-talented, uniquely funny comedian & performer that you don't dare miss!!!

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New York, NY

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North America

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Duration in minutes: 75
Available breakdown: 1/45 & 1/30


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