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Blue Banana Entertainment© is owned by the same company that owns and operates the largest theme park and resort in Europe, outside of Disneyland Paris.  The theme park is EUROPA-PARK©, and it is located in south-western Germany.  EUROPA-PARK© attracts about 5.6 million visitors a year, and is the second most visited amusement complex after Disneyland Paris. New for 2019 will be the debut of the newest addition, the RULANTICA© water adventure resort, the largest waterpark in the world.

Blue Banana Entertainment© are experts at being able to take a special brand, and turn it into an acclaimed show production.  They have the resources, experience, and expertise to create a one-of-a-kind special show productionBlue Banana Entertainment© also has a plethora of top rated "off-the-shelf" award winning shows to choose from.

Web Site (Blue Banana Entertainment©):

Web Site (Europa-Park©):


Blue Banana Entertainment© possesses a proprietary set of skills and experience acquired over more than 40 years of successful international show production.

Show professionals, top-rated

Our métier and skills: envision, development, draft, design, compose, visualize, produce, direct, perform and manage. This culminates in fantastic shows on stages small and large, in front of the most diverse audiences across the globe.


Blue Banana Entertainment© designs the show together with you, produces the show exclusively for you and brings the show to your doorstep – while never forgetting all the things that go with it.

Show productions, out-of-the-box

The range of services comprises creation (story, costume design, directing, choreography), production (tailoring, stage design, sound/light/event technology, special effects) as well as organization and logistics. Including performances at locations and times of your choice.


Blue Banana Entertainment© provides a huge variety of different show-types to suit every customers requirements.


Blue Banana Entertainment’s portfolio comprises shows for every target age group, for all seasons, and for the most varied occasions, events and show locations.


Blue Banana Entertainment© designs and produces – completely in-house – ready to go, live-tested show projects for companies and event hosts.

Show time, all inclusive

For the love of our work. Perfection down to the smallest detail. Experience stemming from numerous productions. A feel for the latest trends and innovation. A talent for perfect entertainment. The courage for new ideas. A great connection with the audience. Committed to your interests. Get in touch with us – we look forward to your challenge!

Home location / airport

Rust, Germany

Global Region


Performance Details

Duration in minutes: 0
Available breakdown: Customized to client's needs


While every attempt is made to encourage each artist to keep their availability and from/to locations current, due to the nature of show business, it is not always possible to maintain 100% accuracy. Please keep this in mind when considering dates to make offers. The sooner you are able to make an offer the better so that we may secure the dates for you.

From Location To Location
02/05/2018 Rust, Germany 01/01/2030 Rust, Germany
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