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  • Family Comedy juggling show: 40– 45 minutes depending on audience volunteers
  • Danger and fire juggling: 25 minutes (repeat knife on rola bola but with different props)
  • Light-up juggling show: 15 minutes.

Keith Leaf takes fire juggling to a whole new level, integrating fire staff, meteor rope, and torch performances with fire tennis rackets, flaming dog leashes, fire lasso and own world-renowned invention the Flaming Slinky of Death. Watch in amazement as he lights his Butt on fire three times in every show. Light-up your next event with Keith’s latest fire show. 

Keith’s Happy, Good Time, Family Friendly, Comedy Juggling Show is great fun for all ages. Audience participation, Chinese yo-yo, plate spinning, human ring toss, meteor balls are just a few trick he performs to amaze his onlookers. He also juggles up to 6 balls and 5 clubs, 3 tennis rackets, razor sharp knives and for a grand finale; a knife, racket, and slightly used very old plunger while on balance board up one his juggling trunk. People really like the show.

Good for venues that don’t allow fire or just to add a little wow to your event, Keith light-up show is an excellent choice. Featuring a variety of props that have light up: such as juggling balls, clubs, and rings as well as Chinese yo-yo, poi balls, and meteor rope, chakra and NEW modulated Staff. This amazing show with a huge variety of colors and fun in the dark. 


Keith Leaf's comedy juggling show has him juggling 3 different objects while on a balance board on top of his juggling trunk. Show also includes many audience participations; balls, clubs, tennis rackets, and razor sharp knife juggling; as well as, Plate spinning, Chinese yo-yo, Balancing, Dream catcher and more. The electric light show will shock and awe you with Ninja Poi, 5 light-up ball, electric diabolo, future poi, light-up frame, and NEW modulated Staff. Keith takes fire juggling to a whole new level; the flaming Lasso, blazing meteor balls, fire dog leashes, flaming tennis rackets and fire staffs are some of the exotic props in his dynamic fire show. Come watch and be amazed!!!

Home location / airport

Long Island, NY (ISP)

Global Region

North America

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Duration in minutes: 85
Available breakdown: 1/45, 1/25, 1/15


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