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Choreographer and Artistic Director Vincent Pausanias wanted to create a show that would showcase the magic of rhythms at its highest possible technical level.

He brought together Gilles Guenat, Tap World Champion (elite category) and Jérémie Champagne, finalist of So You Think You Can Dance, France. In collaboration with them Pausanias created this marvelously dynamic show known as Tap Factory.

Vincent didn't want to create only a Urban Tap Show, he also used his large experience as a director of many different shows to introduce other disciplines as steel percussions, acrobatics, Hip hop and Comedy, to bring Tap Factory to another dimension.

This fusion between all those amazing artists, part of the bests in their own disciplines and completely polyvalent, creates a unique show where amazing performances, exciting rhythms, energy and poetry are joining together with a great sense of comedy and humor.

This is fast, fun, strong, astonishing and sexy, just pure pleasure.

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London, UK

Global Region


Performance Details

Duration in minutes: 60
Available breakdown: 1/45 & 1/15


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