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"I heard Pete do Ray Charles on his LA radio program and I actually thought it was Ray! Unbelievable!" - Quincy Jones
"Pete Peterkin is a truly great entertainer with a powerhouse voice!" - Suze Orman
"A truly gifted entertainer. Everytime I see him he grows in leaps and bounds!" - Ben Vereen

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Pete Peterkin is being called the most versatile entertainer in show business today!

A master of nearly 300 vocal impressions, 20 musical instruments and an amazing variety of dance styles, Mr. Peterkin's services are in constant demand year round.

As a gifted writer of music, comedy and literature Pete is known for tailoring his shows to the specific needs of his audience. Often writing special material to coincide with the event.

Longstanding appearances throughout Alabama, Tennessee, Las Vegas, California as well as overseas (Australia, Japan, England etc.) have gained Pete critical acclaim and a reputation for giving 200% with each performance.

His most recent appearance on NBC's America's Got Talent is garnering him a whole new audience of millions!

Home location / airport

San Diego, CA

Global Region

North America

Performance Details

Duration in minutes: 105
Available breakdown: 2/45 & 1/15


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From Location To Location
10/16/2017 (*Call to Verify Dates & Location) 01/01/2030 (*Call to Verify Dates & Location)
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