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"Erik was fantastic, I would use him again in a heartbeat!" - Nick, RiverRun International Film Festival
"I would recommend him to anyone looking for top caliber entertainment." - Janice Schuyler, Wake Forest University

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Have you ever wondered what real mind reading would feel like?

You've seen it in the movies and read about it in books, but what if it was real? What if someone could really read minds?

Like a real life Sherlock Holmes, Mentalist Erik Dobell uses psychology and chicanery to create the powerful illusion of psychic powers. You'll see Erik perform acts of impossible mind reading, use suggestive techniques to make stunning predictions and (if he's feeling frisky) perform feats of psychokinesis.

Imagine having someone pluck the name of your best friend from your mind letter by letter, or the feeling of your own coin bending in the palm of your hand.  Or imagine someone that is so good at reading tells, he not only knows what cards you have in your hand but what card you are thinking of at any given moment.  Imagine these astounding demonstrations performed with mischievous charm and comedic flair that is only possible with the psychological chicanery of Erik Dobell.

With a background in theater and stand-up comedy, Erik Dobell has proven himself again and again for audiences such as Wake Forest University and the NFL.  Why not find out for yourself?  Let your audience experience what real mind reading feels like with the amazing Mentalist: Erik Dobell!

Home location / airport

Greensboro, NC

Global Region

North America

Performance Details

Duration in minutes: 110
Available breakdown: 2/45 & 2/10


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